Help stop extensive water damage before it can begin with WaterCop LeakStop PLUS.

The WaterCop LeakStop PLUS system enables you to not just shut off the water, but also alert homeowners that the shut-off has been activated.

The LeakStop PLUS system:

  • Detects plumbing leaks at a single location and automatically shuts off the water supply.
  • Notifies a third party device device such as a light, buzzer, relay, auto dialer, or security/automation system to alert homeowners that the shut-off has been activated.
  • Ideal solution for water heaters, recirculation pumps and softeners which become particularly vulnerable to leaks as they age.

Stand out in the marketplace with the LeakStop PLUS system. It's just one of the many effective solutions you'll find in our complete family line of leak detection and water damage prevention products.

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